Monatsarchiv: Januar 2011

Lullaby For A Lunatic

Look at this amazing teaser for the independent movie: Lullaby For A Lunatic from Romantic Child Studios. It’s highly concentrated impressive at a very high level of technical and dramatical perfection.

FontForge font conversion tool

Ok, it’s quite a while since FontForge is around. But it’s really a great Open Source tool for nearly every platform. It just helped me to convert some old Windows Type-1 Fonts to TrueType for use on Mac OS X. I works perfectly and has many options. Yes, it’s user interface is very X11-ish and […]

Open Font Library has relaunched

The community font project has relaunched – and that’s a good oppurtunity to mention it here. I think of it as a great idea to carry the Open Source spirit to font development. Take a look at the Open Font Library Website

Setting up MoinMoin wiki synchronisation

MoinMoin is one of my preffered wikis. It even offers a synchronisation feature which allows you to keep your local wiki (the pages you configure) and a remote wiki in sync. The downside is the partly chaotic documentation. Also, this is true for the sync feature. Hope the following how-to helps other lost souls. Create […]

Wii Spray

Tolle Software zum virtuellen Sprayen – jetzt auch ohne Wii möglich und liefert OSC Steuerdaten zur Steuerung von Sound, Licht etc. : Wii Spray.