Monatsarchiv: Oktober 2012

Microsoft Surface Tablet

There is a detailled review on Microsoft’s new Surface tablet on Just to make it short: it seems to be a pretty good, interesting and in many aspects innovative device. Read the article at Review: Microsoft Surface Tablet. Microsoft seems to have found an own way seperate from Apple; in my opinion they also have […]

How should your work context look like?

For a long time, I’m thinking of how a company should treat their employees. Mostly this is driven by the experience I’ve made in my career. The main point for me seems to be the lacking respect for the individual human being. Each and every person working at your company contributes to the existence of […]

Shoes with embedded GPS

Maybe you couldn’t believe it, too. But yes their are shoes with embedded GPS backed navigation. The pair of shoes have some electronics, a USB connector and and antenna build in and LEDs in the upper front to show the direction and the distance to your desired destination. A background article with pictures and a […]