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UX: User Interface Animation Gallery

You should have a look at SIX UX. It’s a filmed collection of useful interface animation for web interfaces. Of course, it should be considered which animation makes sense for a destinct project. Some are IMHO a bit fancy instead of useful.

Shoes with embedded GPS

Maybe you couldn’t believe it, too. But yes their are shoes with embedded GPS backed navigation. The pair of shoes have some electronics, a USB connector and and antenna build in and LEDs in the upper front to show the direction and the distance to your desired destination. A background article with pictures and a […]

The rising importance of art as USP

In an Article on Wired.com MIT MediaLab’s John Maeda writes about the inflation of design in today’s products and the rising importance of art as an USP. Read all about it at: If Designs No Longer the Killer Differentiator, What Is?   [amazon_search design=“2″ width=“256″ market_place=“DE“ color_theme=“White“ default_search_term=“John Maeda“ search_index=“Books“ columns=“1″ rows=“3″ outer_background_color=“#FFFFFF“ inner_background_color=““ background_color=““ border_color=““ […]

Fictive new dollar notes

Scott Hansen want’s to start a debate of the dollar notes design. He’s done really interesting and different style drafts of possible new dollar notes. You have to have look at: The US Dollar needs a redesign?