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Tips for Storyboarding

Source: How to Draw for Storyboarding Doing without planning is surely the most intuitive way for realizing projects. But tempering your impatience and planning upfront is essential for professional work. Drawing storyboards is a thing I use often for planning – for websites, educational applications, videos, art projects etc. If you wonder what the essentials […]

Pragmatic basic type knowledge

This article is for design veterans, carrer changers and newbies also. Intended especially for webdesigners it promotes basic knowledge for the use of types – for all flavors of designers. Read it at Jessica Hische – Upping Your Type Game.

Firefox’s new branding

There is an interesting article on Creative Bloq: Behind the scenes of Firefoxs new branding | Illustration | Creative Bloq. It shows some sketches and describes the development of the new branding and use in different media.

Lowercase Letters

For all designer and typographers there is an article to refresh your typo history knowledge on Font.com about the creator (yes, it was one person) of the Carolingian minuscles and the later evolving into Lowercase Letters. This made me re-aware how design is a topic rooted far back in history of men.

Wachstum mit Obergrenze (Sättigung) berechnen

Sehr praktisch für die Berechnung von möglichen Userzahlen ist das logistische Wachstum. Das vereint exponentielles Wachstum mit einer Obergrenze. Als Kurve gezeichnet bekommte man eine S-Kurve mit typischen Wendepunkt und einem Oberen Näherungswert (11. Klasse lässt grüßen). Wer, wie ich, verzweifelt versucht dies in einem Excel oder Numbers Sheet reinzuklopfen und seine Welt nur noch […]