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Use MailPlus Server on Synology DSM 6

There are a bunch of tutorials on the web about using MailPlus Server including the manual on MailPlus Server by Synology self. But what has taken time from me was the to find out which user names I have to configure and use in the mail client (like Apple Mail, Thunderbird etc.) So here are […]

Digital Cinema Packages (DCP) kostenlos produzieren

Da ich bisher ausschließlich Filme für Online Medien oder DVD produziert habe, kannte ich das Format Digital Cinema Package (DCP) höchstens vom Namen. Für einen Werbefilm fürs Kino brauchte ich nun aber ein fertig erstelltes DCP. Obwohl das DCP aus verschiedenen offenen Standards besteht, ist bei der Erstellung doch einiges zu beachten. Von der Theorie […]

Using the HammerJS-JQuery-Plugin with RequireJS

There is quite confusing about how to use the HammerJS jQuery-Plugin in conjunction with RequireJS. It took me a real amount of time to research it. The final simple answer which is working for me the following code, just added in front of the jQuery plugin require-call: define(‚hammerjs‘, function() { return Hammer; });

EPSON keeps updating Mac OS X drivers for old devices

May this looks like a boring screen shot of a dialog window. To me it’s like birthday and worth to mention. This is the short story of why: After updating my Mac Book Pro from Mountain Lion to Mavericks with two fingers crossed I stumbled only over a few problems. But one of the biggest […]

Artificial Intelligence Image Editing

The University of Michigan and Adobe have developed a prototype of a new interface and application to make image corretions and manipulations. By speech and gesture recognition the application understands what the user wants. The possibility to use areas like top or bottom in the speech commands seems really cool to me.

The future of Perl and Python: Parrot

Accidentally I stepped over this old interview with Perl’s inventor Larry Wall and Pyhton’s creator Guido van Rossum about the future of both languages: a joint of both language, like this example shows: # copy stdin to stdout, except for lines starting with # while left_angle_right_angle: if dollar_underscore[0] =eq= „#“: continue_next; } print dollar_underscore; } […]

Make your dream of everytime up-to-date browsers come true

Do you dream of the day where browser differences are gone and you can concenrate fully on your web product functions. The site Browser Awareness Day offers a least a mean to support the ideal of many web developers. They offer a snippet, which checks the browser version and displays an overlay at the top of your […]