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Just some quick JS library hints

Some libraries I stumbled upon: D3.js – Data-Driven Documents with CSS3, SVG and HTML5 queue.js – yet another asynchronous helper library for JavaScript Twitter Bootstrap – Sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development.

Adobe Muse – sounds fine but works like a toy

For a completely new project I was wondering if it’s now possible – since we have 2013 and the web exists for nearly 20 years – to have a serious and useful HTML design tool. One that is really focussed on the design workflow rather than coding. So I’ve tried the current release of Adobe […]

The future of Perl and Python: Parrot

Accidentally I stepped over this old interview with Perl’s inventor Larry Wall and Pyhton’s creator Guido van Rossum about the future of both languages: a joint of both language, like this example shows: # copy stdin to stdout, except for lines starting with # while left_angle_right_angle: if dollar_underscore[0] =eq= „#“: continue_next; } print dollar_underscore; } […]

VRML Viewer for Mac OS X

Maybe you are used to this: you’ve done an VRML project in the past but as time has moved on everyone speaks of WebGL. But how to view your VRML things on a modern Mac OS X. The Frauenhofe Institute for Computer Graphics has the solution (not only for Mac OS X). The high performance […]

Webfont recommendation: Dosis

This lovable font reminds me to DIN ROUNDED and is also made very professional with many weights: Download Dosis Font ex Terminal Dosis fonts. It’s available at Google Webfonts, too.