Create 1px dashed/dotted line in Sketch

I’m looking for a solution since I’m using Sketch and it’s driving me crazy: How to draw a dotted/dashed line?

Screenshot of Sketch's inspector border section

Screenshot of Sketch’s inspector border section

Coming from Illustrator I thought this is a no-brainer. Just draw a line and use the inspector. But it turns out that Sketch has a rendering issue for 1px dashed/dotted lines and gaps are only displayed if the gap is set to a minimum of 2 pixels.

After searching around in the web and finding no real solution (no, even no plugin), I found the easiest solution is to draw a dashed/dotted line in Adobe Illustrator and copy’n’paste it via the clipboard (on Mac OS X). The confusing thing is, that this copied line from Illustator is a native line in Sketch having also set the dash/gap values to 1px — but it works!

Dashed/dotted lines in Sketch - one created in Sketch and one in Adobe Illustrator

Dashed/dotted lines in Sketch – the upper is created in Sketch and the second line in Adobe Illustrator

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