DocBook Export In MoinMoin Wiki Running On Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

As stated in the official documentation pages of MoinMoin DocBook export is a out-of-the-box feature. So it seems no problem: just install MoinMoin, write your content, use the „Render as DocBook“ action and you’re done. But there are some pitfalls: even MoinMoin 1.9.3 is released at 2010-06-27, it depends on an old Python extension dated to 2004: PyXML.

So in order to get MoinMoin with DocBook export running, you have to install PyXML to your Python extension library – even modern Python (like 2.4) has built-in XML state-of-the art support.

To get things running on Mac OS X 10.6 or 10.5 (might even work with older versions), you have to build and install the library on your system. If you try to download PyXML and build manually you probably run into problems (compiling errors). I recommend to use MacPorts. So this are the steps for your success:

  1. Download and install MacPorts (if you don’t have it already) – and restart your computer.
  2. run sudo port install py-xml (it takes a while, since there are some dependencies – and a new Python is build)
  3. run sudo port install python_select
  4. sudo python_select python24 (you have to use the new build Python 2.4 with MoinMoin – even if there is a newer version on your machine)
  5. start your MoinMoin wiki server with the new build Python (/opt/local/bin/python), like /opt/local/bin/python OR edit the magic line of the script

If you have questions, suggestions or I missed a point, just leave a comment.

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