EPSON keeps updating Mac OS X drivers for old devices

Bildschirmfoto 2014-03-17 um 16.58.22May this looks like a boring screen shot of a dialog window. To me it’s like birthday and worth to mention. This is the short story of why:

After updating my Mac Book Pro from Mountain Lion to Mavericks with two fingers crossed I stumbled only over a few problems. But one of the biggest was that the scanning with my CX11NF didn’t work anymore.

This device model is about nine years old and the official support lifetime ended a few years ago, according to a Epson support employee. Also he noted that Apple has changed APIs and architecture of OS X Mavericks compared to earlier OS X versions. So many many of the drivers for all Epson devices had to be adopted or rewritten. And of course updates for old devices probably will be dropped.

Dropped… that seemed to be my destiny. BUT – Apple (and primarily Epson in the background ) updated the driver for my all-in-one Printer CX11NF today via the System Updater.

So thanks Epson for supporting not only your recent costumers! I am very happy not to have to buy a new device. But my next item will be an Epson device, for sure 😉

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