Setting up MoinMoin wiki synchronisation

MoinMoin is one of my preffered wikis. It even offers a synchronisation feature which allows you to keep your local wiki (the pages you configure) and a remote wiki in sync. The downside is the partly chaotic documentation. Also, this is true for the sync feature. Hope the following how-to helps other lost souls.

  1. Create an interwiki entry in your local InterWikiMap (your wiki has a page named liked this) for the remote wiki, e.g. OtherWiki . If your remote wiki runs under a separate HTTP Server (like Apache) and you have HTTP basic authentication enabled, you have to provide your username and password (not for the wiki – the one for the HTTP server) within the URL like
  2. Setup an interwiki name (of, course they can be different – but your remote wiki’s interwiki name has to match with the one you add to your local InterWikiMap), both in your local and remote with the parameter (probably it’s already there, commented out):
     interwikiname = u'MikesMoinMoinWiki'
  3. Create  a synchronsation parameter/start page. This page holds all your synchronisation config and it is the page where you can use the „Synchronize“ action on. A good example is the SyncJobTemplate page every MoinMoin distribution offers. Go to the URL and copy the wiki source and copy it to a page you like on your local wiki. Change the parameters as you need them.
  4. Add this entry to in order to allow XMLRPC access to your remote wiki:
    actions_excluded = multiconfig.DefaultConfig.actions_excluded[:]

    If your running a MoinMoin Version less then 1.9 you most probably have to remove the part „multiconfig.“ (with the colon) from the first line since only DefaultConfig is imported instead of multiconfig.

  5. Now, you can open your sync page (you created under 3. ) – then click on Start the synchronisation or use the entry from the actions dropdown.
  6. If you experience an XMLRPC fault „xmlrpclib.Fault:“ but there is no further information after the double-colon, then try this fault message enhancement patch.

Have fun. More information can be searched in the online documentation for synchronisation or your local wiki’s HelpOnSynchronisation page.

Feel free to add a comment or ask questions if something could be formulated in a more precise way.

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  1. monk
    | Permalink

    I’m trying to setup sync server2local with moin1.9.7 but on the local ‚desktop-instance‘ I get „please set interwikiname. How do I have to configure on the desktop-site to start sync?

    There were some changes in the releases to the sync-feature.

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