Shooting corporate video interviews – the human factor

Filming people in an corporate interview situation is more than just technical and artistical performance. I’ve experienced a lot that people who are interviewed are not comfortable with the situation. So often they perform more like marketing news speakers than just a human giving a interview.
Especially if you want to create a natural feeling, meaning the person to be interviewed speaks natural, relaxed and maybe with passion about his topic, I’ve found it useful to use these little „helpers“:

  • The „text“ for the interview should only be a loose guide – not 1:1 (no need to learn it by heart or read it)
  • There should be an interviewer asking questions so the filmed person not just „speaks“ to the camera but to a real person
  • The topic of the interview should be clear for everyone involved minimum a day before the shooting (please, no laughing, often there is no concept, no preparation, no time etc. by the client)
  • Have a concept for all interviews and the whole film (also no laughing – this happens quite often)
  • Ask many questions by yourself about the topic, so the person to be interviewed get’s into a flow and to create a trusted atmosphere
  • Shoot while asking questions and pretend not to shoot 😉 – often you get useful footage

Of course this are subjective tips. Feel free to comment in order to share your experiences.

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