Use as3corelib in conjunction with Flex 4

The popular ActionSript 3 Core Library is still a valuable help in many Flex projects. Started as library to be used with Flex 2 it is actively developed and can still be used with the current Flex 4.x SDKs, and of course Flash Builder 4.
Unfortunately it is not obvious to use it in Flash Builder 4 since there is no as3corelib.swc compiled by Flex 4.x (or it is so hard to find that I couldn’t work it out).

So let’s build the library by ourself:

  1. Download the source archive (Note: the project moved from Google Code to github).
  2. Unpack it to a folder.
  3. In Flash Builder 4 select „File“ > „New“ > „Flex Library-Project“
  4. Enter a name (e.g. „as3corelib“)
  5. Select the directory of the unpacked projects
  6. Select in the section „Flex SDK-Version“ Flex 4.1 (or higher), if this is not your standard SDK.
  7. And this is important: Select „Include AIR-Runtime-Libraries“ – otherwise you’ll get include errors
  8. Click on the „Done“ button
  9. Now you’ve got a brand new Flex library project
  10. Launch the „application“ by „Run“ > „Run main“
  11. This should result to a fresh compiled „as3corelib.swc“ in your bin path of the unpacked as3corelib source archive


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